What’s the Weather Like? 


Author Eline Snel (2013) writes in Sitting Still Like a Frog
“Our mind is not unlike a sea or an ocean. Storms, rain showers, or the sun can transform the surface of any expanse of water into a seeting mass of terrifyingly high waves or into a clear, smooth sheet through which you can see the great depths below. The same is true for us. A particularly challenging mood ir intense emotions can crop up at any time. By not wishing these feelings away or wishing they were different from what they are in the moment, you learn to notice the ‘weather’ inside and to root yourself in what is really happening” (pg. 51).  

Ask students: What is the weather like inside you today? Weather often changes from morning ot afternoon; and, if a storm comes in, it will eventually pass. Are you feeling stormy, calm, peaceful, or a bit chilly? Close your eyes and notice your feelings for a moment. Then, draw a picture showing what the weather is like inside you. 

Snel, E. (2013). Sitting still like a frog: mindfulness exercises for kids (and their parents). Shambhala Publications.


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