Play-Doh Practice

– Give each student a handful of play-doh. Ask students to use their senses as they hold the play-doh in one hand. What is the texture of the play-doh? What does the play-doh smell like? What color is their play-doh?

– Tell students to gently roll the play-doh on their desk or the table. Ask them to notice what happens to the play-doh. Then, ask students to stretch out the play-doh as far as it can go. What happens to the play-doh then? Do same activities/questions with flattening the play-doh, etc.

-Explain that the play-doh is like our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we may feel stretched to thin, or flattened by a challenge, or just like life is gently rolling by. By taking the time to ackowledge our thoughts and feelings we have more of an ability be flexible and create something new out of our situation.

-Ask students to create something (a metaphor for older students) from their play-doh that shows how they are feeling at the moment (metaphor examples: prickly like a pointy triangle, flat like a piece of paper, bouncy like a ball, calm like an ocean wave, etc.) ​


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