In her book, Teach, Breathe, Learn, Meena Srinivasan says, “Mindfulness is a way of being, a practice we can engage in. It’s not an abstract state; it’s a kind, curious, nonjudgmental awareness that we try to bring to each moment. Before we can share mindfulness with our students, we need an experiential understanding of mindfulness from our own practice. Once we begin to develop our own practice, we will see how it impacts our classroom and our relationships with others. With some daily and consistent practice, the practice of mindfulness can bring more awareness, love, and resilience to our daily lives.” This thought is the foundation of this blog; and my hope is that you will approach the practices offered with the idea of mindfulness as a way of being, rather than set of practices that will help curb students unruly behavior for a few minutes, an hour, or a day. Mindfulness begins with you, in this moment, wherever you find yourself today.

Curious? Take a look around. Explore. Take what you’d like, and leave the rest. This blog is for you.


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